How Does the Roots Through Recovery Teen Program Differ From Others?

How Does the Roots Through Recovery Teen Program Differ From Others?

Many people often forget how hard it is to be a teenager. Often the “hindsight is 20/20” syndrome stops us from remembering how difficult it can be to navigate the new situations in life that teenagers face daily. Most of these difficulties are normal and just a part of growing up. However, when these situations become overwhelming and interrupt everyday life, a teen program of recovery may be necessary.

Teen Treatment Programs

The farther you are removed from “that first kiss,” “stressing out over an exam,” or “wondering if you are going to make the high school play or football team,” the harder it can be to empathize with those emotional struggles. However, those struggles are very real and powerful to the teenager that is experiencing them.

Here at Roots Through Recovery, we understand how hard being a teenager can be. Now, more than ever, teens are struggling with mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression, substance use disorder (SUD), and childhood trauma. Many teen treatment facilities are inefficient and ineffective, with a high rate of relapse and return. 

The Roots Through Recovery Teen Program offers an individualized approach to help our kids achieve a healthy and long-lasting recovery. Our goal is to get our teenage clients back on their feet with the tools and skills they will need to navigate the complexities of life after treatment.

Teenagers Are Struggling With Mental Health Issues More Than Ever

According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), as of January 2022, “An estimated 49.5% of adolescents had [some form of] mental disorder,” and “Of adolescents with any mental disorder, an estimated 22.2% had severe impairment.” That’s nearly 50% of teenagers that are struggling with some sort of mental health issue. 

Take a moment to process that staggering statistic. That means that half of the teenage population is struggling. Due to this, we feel it is our mission to help mitigate that problem before it gets worse.

COVID-19 and Teen Mental Health

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic cannot be overlooked in these statistics. According to a study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health,  “Whether in the U.S. or abroad, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted adolescent mental health. Stressful life events, extended home confinement, worry, overuse of the internet and social media are factors that could influence the mental health of adolescents during this pandemic.” 

Roots Through Recovery has many of the resources and therapies that are needed to help teenagers who are struggling with mental health find recovery. Our goal is not to simply help adolescents get back to “life as normal.” Instead, we aim to get these kids back on their feet, feeling stronger and more confident than before they even recognized a problem. We do this by not simply treating the problem but by providing the life skills that can help them move forward in their lives.

Not All Teen Programs Are the Same

Many teen programs aim to fix a specific mental health problem rather than address the situation from a whole mind and body approach. While it is important to address specific issues, if the other surrounding problems are not addressed, then that issue has a greater chance of resurfacing.

Take SUD, for example. There are ways to address substance abuse and addiction specifically. A 12-Step program or medication can help reduce or eliminate someone’s substance use. However, if the comorbidities that often accompany SUD – such as depression and anxiety, sexual trauma, or other mental health disorders – are not addressed, the chance of relapse is high.

Here at Roots Through Recovery, we don’t believe that teenage mental health problems can be fixed by a single approach. That is why we use a whole-person approach in our teen program. This approach to treatment addresses the issues at hand and what factors may have led up to those issues.

The Teen Program at Roots Through Recovery Is Different

There is no “one and done” approach in our Roots Through Recovery teen program. We help your child by utilizing evidence-based therapies. These may include:

  • Mindfulness and meditation techniques
  • Self-esteem development and life skills
  • Drumming, art, and movement-based therapies

However, teen mental health is not just an individual problem. It is also what many people call “a family disease.” That is because a child struggling with mental health can affect everyone in their orbit. Due to this, we feel it is crucial to offer family therapy at our facility. When we help everyone in the family heal, it gives your child a better chance for long-term recovery.

Just as no child is alike, no treatment program is either. We feel that the Roots Through Recovery teen program is one of the best options to help your child get back on the right path. Through our program, they can be the kid they deserve to be now and the healthy adult they deserve to be later.

Many adolescent programs out there claim they can fully rehabilitate teens, but most aren’t as fully realized as they claim. However, here at Roots Through Recovery, we offer a fully comprehensive approach that will allow adolescents struggling with mental health to work through their issues both individually and in groups. This helps our teenage clients learn how to confront real-world stressors so that they can better function in their lives now and go on to be healthy and fully realized adults. If you or somebody you know is struggling with their mental health, Roots Through Recovery can help. For more information on our programs, call us today at (562) 473-0827.

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