Partial Hospitalization Program


What is it?

Getting follow-up care for mental health or substance use disorders, while you avoid relapsing, is critical to having an independent life of wellness and recovery.
Our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), also known as day treatment, is the highest level of care we offer, giving you the ability to reside at home or in a sober living environment while getting treatment.


How does it work?

We understand that transitioning to a healthy routine and being exposed to opportunities to fall back into old habits can be a struggle.

For many people, detox and inpatient treatment are a great start, but do not provide the longevity needed to sustain long term sobriety or sustainable improved mental health. PHP offers a step down from that level of care in order to allow the person to gradually step back into their everyday lives. The longer you stay at intensive levels of treatment, the more likely you are to be successful long term. 

Our team will develop a treatment plan to tailor to your needs and create a culture of change for your well being. You will learn skills that can be carried into your daily life and still be able to meet your needs as you resume a life outside of treatment.

The program runs Monday through Friday, and includes group therapy, individual therapy and family counseling with the most compassionate and experienced professionals in the industry. The PHP program consists of six hours of treatment services each day, with breaks throughout. Throughout the program, you will attend sessions and receive close attention and medication monitoring and still get to stay in your own home.


Why is it important?

Research suggests that partial hospitalization is an excellent alternative to inpatient care and more than 30 years of research can support its efficacy. Additionally, one of the most important determinants of success in treatment is the willingness and engagement of the family.

This is why Roots Through Recovery focuses on helping you get back on your feet the safe way and also offers several ways for families to get involved in their loved ones’ treatment. The family is free to attend sessions on their own, but preferably with their loved one. Our goal is to create a plan and agreement between you and your family to reassure your family that progressing on outside goals is a part of your treatment and is necessary for your growth.

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If you need to find a place that feels comfortable and supportive, let Roots Through Recovery’s experienced clinicians and case management team work with you to help determine your next steps. We want you to have choices that will give you and your loved ones the best outcomes.

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“I am so grateful to be an alumni of Roots. Roots took me from my darkest of places, to the brightest and most beautiful part of life I've ever lived. They genuinely care about their clients. You will not be a number or a paycheck here. After discharging in February, I still receive help and words of wisdom whenever needed. Roots helped me battle things I'd been struggling with for over 14 years and finally put them behind me. I love roots with all my heart, and always will.”


“Just got 365 days sober today all thanks to these people at Roots. And saved my marriage.”


“It's great to see such a high quality of care program in Long Beach! The entire staff shows great care and compassion for their clients. The therapists are among the best around. Their admissions and case management is compassionate and driven to help you succeed! If your looking for help with trauma or substance abuse, this is the place for help!”


“Very serene setting, you feel right at home when you walk in. The staff are super nice and really care about their clients.”


“The most compassionate and knowledgeable staff! Roots Through Recovery offers the best addiction care and treatment available. They use multiple disciplines to cater to a wide variety of clients. Music therapy, art name it, Roots has it! Do yourself a kindness and check them out. You'll be glad you did.”