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With an emphasis on evidence-based drug and alcohol treatment methods we treat
almost every form of addiction, including alcohol, illegal drugs, and prescription medication. We address co-occurring disorders and introduce innovative and empowering treatment that heals and enhances the mind, body and spirit of every client.


Living with mental health issues like bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety can be debilitating, and limit us in our ability to thrive, if not addressed. Roots takes a trauma-focused and whole-person approach to addressing primary mental health disorders. 

We also understand that mental health issues often lie beneath the surface of an addiction issue. People with co-occurring disorders are best served through integrated treatment. Our experienced and highly qualified clinical team can address mental and substance use disorders at the same time, creating more sustainable and long-lasting outcomes.


Dependence on substances, whether it be physical or psychological –or both– sets us back from leading a fulfilled life and living up to our potential. We treat abuse and addiction to most substances, including alcohol, prescription medication, heroin, cocaine, crystal meth, and other illicit substances with the understanding that this dependence is often a symptom of something greater.

At Roots, we focus on helping you heal physically and emotionally, and teach you how to rebuild your life without the use of substances. Recovery is a gradual process, and we will help you navigate through the challenges that you face along the way, learning to develop new coping skills in times of distress, and learning to accept and move forward in discomfort.


At Roots, we believe that unresolved trauma often lies at the heart of both addiction and mental health, and that challenges like substance abuse and anxiety are symptoms of trauma or maladaptive coping mechanisms. To address substance abuse and mental health for longterm recovery, trauma must first be addressed.

Whether you have experienced persistent “Little T” Traumas, or a severe “Big T” Trauma, we work with you to identify where these experiences live in your body and your brain, and help you resolve the trauma so you can move forward. You are not defined by your experiences, you are not your trauma, and the life ahead of you is bright.  

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If you aren’t sure if Roots Through Recovery has the type of program you need and you want help finding the right program give us a call. We’ll help you find the treatment center best suited to your needs.

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