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Outpatient Treatment Services in Long Beach California

With an emphasis on evidence-based drug and alcohol treatment methods we treat
almost every form of addiction, including alcohol, illegal drugs, and prescription medication. We address co-occurring disorders and introduce innovative and empowering treatment that heals and enhances the mind, body and spirit of every client.


We treat addiction to most substances, including heroin, cocaine, crystal meth, and other illicit substances. At Roots we focus on helping you heal physically and emotionally, and teach you how to rebuild your life. Recovery is a gradual process, and we will help you navigate through the challenges that you face along the way, learning to develop new coping skills in times of distress.


Treatment for alcoholism will vary depending on the severity of the condition. Alcohol abuse is still the most common form of addiction. We will address contributors to this disease such as trauma, genetic predispositions, environmental stressors and lifestyle choices. Looking at the triggers that have become unmanageable in your life and learning how to cope with them through healthy decision-making, will show you new possibilities for a life without the need for alcohol.

Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription drug addiction is a serious epidemic. The notion that the abuse greatly differs from the abuse of street drugs because it is prescribed by a physician, is not true. We help clients break their reliance on addictive substances, including benzodiazepines, and opioid painkillers. At Roots Through Recovery our program is comprehensive and can be complemented to include sober living where a healthy, sober lifestyle is emphasized and promoted.


Mental health issues often lie beneath the surface of an addiction issue. People with co-occurring disorders are best served through integrated treatment. Our practitioners can address mental and substance use disorders at the same time, often lowering costs and creating better outcomes.

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