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Who We Are

Roots Through Recovery was founded in 2013, and has been proudly serving the Long Beach community since 2016. Our outpatient center grew out of an increasing need for the services we offer, in a surprisingly underserved area. We began with treating clients with substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders, and as the need developed, we added a primary mental health program in 2018, and a comprehensive chronic and persistent pain program for patients suffering these issues in 2019. 

Though we have grown in size and services offered, our mission to be the best treatment option for the Long Beach community and provide a path toward a better life for our patients has remained the same.

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What We Do

Roots Through Recovery is an outpatient treatment center in Long Beach that provides healing and wellness to those suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, trauma and other mental health issues, and chronic pain. Our team of licensed and specialized professionals is unmatched in the industry, and can help people achieve their full potential by tapping into their strength and addressing the deeply rooted issues that are holding them back.

Our Vision

The vision for Roots has always been to be a leader and innovator in the field of substance abuse and mental health treatment. Our vision for you is for you to live your best life possible, with purpose and passion — to thrive. 

Meet The Team


Dr Andrei Dokukin, MD
Medical Director

Dr Diana Kang, PsyD.
Clinical Director

Mojan Saberi, PMHNP-BC, MSN, RN
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Nina Glassman
Compliance Manager


Wilmer Rivas, ASW 101779
Primary Therapist

Lori Way, AMFT
Primary Therapist

Milton Camejo, AMFT
Primary Therapist

Krista Small, ACSW
Primary Therapist

Leslie Fernandez, AMFT
Primary Therapist

Alan Libus, CADC I
Case Manager
Specialty: Addiction

Nadine Linares, RADT-I
Care Coordinator
Specialty: Addiction

Robert Lawver, CATC IV
Case Manager
Specialty: Addiction

Davide Hickman image

David Hickman
Spiritual Director
Specialties: Drumming, Mindfulness

Bill Woodbury

Bill Woodbury, SUDCC
Family and Relationship
Specialties: Family Systems

Rev Sunshine

Reverend Sunshine
Spiritual Group Leader


Sarah Panell


Sarah Pannell
Admissions & Client Success

Ava Lyman


Ava Lyman, RAC
Admissions Coordinator


Maynard Martin, RADT
Admissions Coordinator


Noah Warren

Noah Warren
Business Development Director

Patrick Daly, HMC (FMF/EXW), IDC,
US Navy (Ret)
Military Liaison


Seth Blackburn

Seth Blackburn

Nicole Koontz image

Nicole Koontz

Noah Warren image 2

Noah Warren
BD Director

Kelly Lyman

Hear From Our Alumni

Frequently Asked Questions

Roots takes pride in our Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program (Virtual IOP) that allows you to attend treatment without the need to travel to our clinic. To support patients who are at high risk or require social distancing, Virtual IOP is designed to replicate the face-to-face experience of attending treatment, using telehealth technology — in the comfort of your home.

Roots understands that treatment cannot be a “one size fits all”, and that everyone’s journey is unique. To that end, we provide highly individualized outpatient treatment to meet your specific needs. We can accommodate most schedules, whether they are working during the day, looking for a job, or are raising a family at home. Learn more about our programs here and the services we offer to specialized populations here.

We treat a wide range of conditions such as alcohol and substance use disorders, co-occurring disorders, mental health disorders, including trauma, depression, and anxiety, and others. For the full list of conditions we treat, check them out here.

Here at Roots, we provide a safe, comfortable and supportive environment for you to begin or continue your journey of recovery. You will be held accountable to your goals and will be required to do the hard work it takes to heal. Roots Through Recovery’s experienced and compassionate clinicians and case management team will work with you to help determine your next steps to attaining the life that you wish to have.

We take pride in our ability to help “chronic relapsers”, or those who haven’t yet been able to remain sober for an extended period of time. Often times, chronic relapse is due to only addressing surface issues or symptoms, rather than the root causes. Roots will help you identify the underlying causes of these issues, and develop real coping skills so that the progress you make will continue even after treatment.

We have a team in place 24/7 to help you with that. Verify your insurance now. Our team can assess your benefits and help you determine your insurance options. We are in-network with several insurance carriers and accept most major insurance policies.

Roots offers cash pay options, including 0% interest payment plans, for our 45- and 90-day programs that will help you get the help you need.

Give us a call and let us be your guide, because your loved one is worth it and we care. We know it is challenging to decide which facility will be best for your child or loved one. You are not alone in this process, and our admissions team is standing by to walk you through every step of the way.

Get started now by calling our team or completing the employee referral form. We offer a tailored program for employees that fits their needs, with a focus on providing them a foundation for recovery and getting them back to work. If we aren’t the right fit for your employee, we will gladly take on the responsibility of finding a place that is. We also offer special cash pay pricing for companies that are seeking mental health or substance use treatment for their employees.

You may fill out the patient referral form or call us to get started. If you have determined that your patient needs additional care and support, we will collaborate with you to determine the best course of action.

Take the First Step Now

If you need to find a place that feels comfortable and supportive, let Roots Through Recovery’s experienced clinicians and case management team work with you to help determine your next steps. We want you to have choices that will give you and your loved ones the best outcomes.

Let us help you start your recovery journey


“The most compassionate and knowledgeable staff! Roots Through Recovery offers the best addiction care and treatment available. They use multiple disciplines to cater to a wide variety of clients. Music therapy, art therapy....you name it, Roots has it! Do yourself a kindness and check them out. You'll be glad you did.”


“Very serene setting, you feel right at home when you walk in. The staff are super nice and really care about their clients.”


“It's great to see such a high quality of care program in Long Beach! The entire staff shows great care and compassion for their clients. The therapists are among the best around. Their admissions and case management is compassionate and driven to help you succeed! If your looking for help with trauma or substance abuse, this is the place for help!”


“Just got 365 days sober today all thanks to these people at Roots. And saved my marriage.”


“I am so grateful to be an alumni of Roots. Roots took me from my darkest of places, to the brightest and most beautiful part of life I've ever lived. They genuinely care about their clients. You will not be a number or a paycheck here. After discharging in February, I still receive help and words of wisdom whenever needed. Roots helped me battle things I'd been struggling with for over 14 years and finally put them behind me. I love roots with all my heart, and always will.”


“I adore this facility! I can't say enough good things about the staff. They truly care about their clients. They take the time to show you that your well being is their top priority. They dig deep to get to the “ROOT” of things. If you're looking for a treatment Center that is going to help bring that light and purpose back into your life. This is the place for you.”

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