Finding a Substance Use and Mental Health Treatment Center in Long Beach

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When it comes to seeking treatment for substance use and mental health disorders, finding the right treatment center is crucial. Long Beach, with its vibrant community and bustling city life, offers a range of options for individuals seeking assistance.

In this blog post, we will explore how someone in Long Beach can go about finding a treatment center for substance use and mental health. By addressing practical considerations, understanding personal needs, and utilizing available resources, individuals can navigate the path to recovery and find a treatment center that suits their unique circumstances.

Substance Use and Mental Health Treatment Center in Long Beach

Assessing Personal Needs

Before beginning the search for a treatment center, it’s important to assess individual needs and preferences. Considerations may include the following:

  • Substance Use History: Understanding specific substance use patterns and the severity of the addiction can help identify treatment centers that specialize in particular substances or levels of care.
  • Co-occurring Mental Health Disorders: Evaluate if there are underlying mental health issues requiring specialized treatment, seeking centers that offer integrated treatment for dual diagnoses.
  • Treatment Modalities: Determine if specific treatment modalities, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) or mindfulness-based approaches, are of interest and align with personal preferences for therapy.
  • Specialized Services: Individuals may require specialized services, such as LGBTQ+-affirmative care, trauma-informed treatment, or gender-specific programs. Identifying these needs can narrow down potential treatment centers.

Utilizing Online Directories and Resources:

Long Beach offers a range of online directories and resources dedicated to providing information about treatment centers. These resources can help individuals find suitable treatment centers that meet their specific needs. A few examples include:

  • SAMHSA Treatment Locator: The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) provides an extensive online directory of treatment centers that are certified and meet specific quality standards. This directory allows individuals to search for treatment options in Long Beach and filter results based on preferences.
  • Psychology Today Therapist Directory: Psychology Today offers a comprehensive therapist directory that includes treatment centers. This directory allows individuals to search for treatment centers in Long Beach and view profiles, qualifications, and areas of expertise for each facility and its professionals.
  • Local Referral Services: Local addiction helplines, mental health hotlines, or referral services can provide personalized assistance and guidance in finding suitable treatment centers in Long Beach. These services often have trained professionals who can offer support and recommendations based on individual needs.

Seeking Recommendations and Professional Referrals

Seeking recommendations from trusted sources, such as healthcare providers, therapists, or support groups, can provide valuable insights and guidance in finding a treatment center. These individuals may possess knowledge of reputable treatment centers in Long Beach based on their professional experience or connections within the community. They can provide firsthand recommendations and share insights about the quality of care and suitability of different treatment options.

Considering Insurance Coverage and Financial Considerations:

It’s essential to consider insurance coverage and financial factors when selecting a treatment center. Reach out to insurance providers or contact the treatment centers directly to inquire about coverage options. Many treatment centers offer financial assistance programs, payment plans, or sliding fee scales for individuals with limited financial resources. Exploring these options can help make treatment more accessible and affordable.


Navigating the path to recovery in Long Beach involves careful consideration, research, and the utilization of available resources. By doing the things we mentioned, individuals can identify treatment centers that best align with their unique circumstances.

Taking the time to find the right treatment center is a crucial step towards fostering a supportive environment for recovery and embarking on a journey towards healing and well-being.

Remember, seeking assistance is a courageous step, and professional guidance can provide valuable support throughout the process. If you know anyone struggling with substance use and mental health disorders, reach out to us at Roots Through Recovery. We can offer the necessary assistance and guidance to find the right treatment plan for you.

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