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If you have a sensitive nervous system, it means that you are more responsive than the average person to triggers in your environment – and this, in itself, is a broad topic.

Nervous system triggers could be anything from the fabric of the clothes you are wearing to something that somebody says to you in passing. It could be an uncomfortable situation you find yourself in, an incident that startles you, or any other occurrence that activates a response.

Fight or flight?

Our inherent “fight-or-flight” response is normal. It warns us of imminent danger, helping to guide our decisions on what to do about it. For a more sensitive individual, however, taking action may be difficult as we don’t want to upset the status quo, even if we know it is going to make us uncomfortable.

If you feel overwhelmed by your surroundings, you may have a sensitive nervous system.

Here are ten signs that you may have a sensitive nervous system:

1.     You need to be in a calm environment all the time

Seeking out a peaceful, tranquil, and controlled environment is often used as a method to deal with sensitivity issues. If you find yourself unable to cope without the comfort of this tranquility, this may be a sign of hypersensitivity.

2.     You scare easily and become overly upset if startled

When people sneak up on you or otherwise startle you, you completely lose your composure.

3.     You have a difficult time staying asleep

Tossing and turning in bed and not being able to stay asleep because you are mulling over conversations or the events of the day.

4.     All of your senses are heightened

In the hyper-sensitive individual, any stimulus can be an energy drain. Excessive noise, intense smells, bright colors, extreme heat, or cold – all of these things can potentially cause you stress.

5.     You feel overwhelmed a lot

You may feel overwhelmed by even the most mundane day-to-day issues, like going to the bank or meeting up with coworkers after hours.

6.     You do not handle stress well

Everybody deals with stress in their own way. However, a person with a sensitivity disorder may amplify these issues beyond what is necessary to process it.

7.     You don’t do well in crowds

Crowded places, like the mall, city streets, concerts, or even meetings at work, may be a trigger for sensitivity issues.

8.     You feel uncomfortable around strangers

You may find yourself avoiding situations where you will have to interact with people you don’t know.

9.     You feel things more intensely than others

You find yourself overly emotional to the point of crying, becoming fearful, or angry, and it happens more often than not.

10.  Hypersensitivity to physical stimuli (sound, smell, touch)

Any stimuli can elicit an emotional response. It’s when these responses get in the way of enjoying life that you should be concerned.

When to seek help

An overly sensitive nervous system can cause many outward manifestations. For some, these responses can interfere with the enjoyment of daily life. Fortunately, there are many techniques and coping mechanisms that can be very helpful in mitigating your stress, and we want you to know that we are here for you and ready to help. Reach out today to find out how to get started.