Sobriety and Abstinence as a Long-Term Journey

Sobriety and Abstinence as a Long-Term Journey

The recovery process can be overwhelming for many suffering from substance use disorders. People will often feel pressured to have a positive, satisfying life as soon as they reach sobriety. Recovery, though, is not a short-term process. Maintaining abstinence is a long-term journey that requires commitment and external support. 

At Roots Recovery, the client’s journey is of utmost importance. Continuing to provide support and a welcoming environment for clients during and after treatment is emphasized among the staff at Roots Recovery. It is essential to reach out, seek help, and embark on the recovery journey with the proper support.

The Recovery Journey

The recovery journey is a change process where individuals improve their health and overall well-being to produce a healthier and happier life. Another primary goal of recovery is for clients to maintain abstinence on their own, working to build a life without alcohol or substances and reach one’s full potential. 

When beginning the road to recovery, it is essential to remember that alcohol and substance use disorders are not embarrassing or shameful. Due to this stigma, many will not reach out to receive help and treatment. The recovery journey provides new hope for clients, leading them to a more fulfilling and purposeful life without alcohol or substances.

When starting the recovery journey, keeping an open mind and putting one’s best foot forward can open the doors to rediscovering purpose and passion in one’s life. While there is support around those in recovery, having a purposeful commitment to the journey yields the best outcomes.

Recovery Is Not Linear

Recovery is a lifelong process; many individuals find that the addiction cycle takes commitment, time, and energy to break. The path to recovery and abstinence does not happen overnight; some people return to their destructive habits. It is important to remember that recovery is not linear. Instead, it is a journey that may have its ups and downs. Even if one breaks abstinence and relapses, this does not make them a failure in recovery. While there are programs and services to help clients resist relapsing, relapse does not mean recovery is over. 

Recovery opens doors for people’s lives, especially when positive outcomes such as healed relationships with family members and other loved ones manifest in one’s life. These small successes in recovery help motivate abstinence further. Even if relapse occurs, these small successes do not go away. Thinking back on the positive results from short-term recovery and sobriety proves motivating to return to a life of abstinence. 

How Roots Recovery Supports Long-Term Abstinence

At Roots Recovery, trained staff and professionals create personalized treatment plans for all clients. For those struggling with substance or alcohol use disorders, Roots Recovery’s clinical team and community of peers offer the support and guidance necessary for their journey. Roots Recovery helps clients develop self-sufficiency and guide them in achieving both their short-term and long-term goals.

When starting recovery, it is important to remember that there is nothing “broken” in the individual. At Roots Recovery, staff does not try to fix or treat symptoms or concerns. Instead, the team uses the whole-person approach to recovery to help clients heal themselves internally. The whole-person approach is beneficial to those recovering from substance or alcohol use disorders as clients learn about themselves on a deeper level and gain the ability to repair the connection between their mind, body, and spirit. When healing this internal connection, clients can understand themselves better and work to produce healthier habits for a happier and more fulfilling life. 

After treatment at Roots Recovery, staff and peers remain in contact to ensure continuous support. This support system is always available to clients, regardless of how long after treatment occurred. Programs and services are offered to clients who also need extra support after treatment. Outpatient programs allow clients to receive support, treatment, and therapy from the comfort of their homes or daily environment. Programs such as these help clients maintain sobriety, reduce the overwhelming feelings of recovery on one’s own, and fit sobriety and coping mechanisms into their daily lives.

Post-treatment Outcomes From Roots Recovery

After one month post-treatment from Roots Recovery, 37% of clients maintained abstinence. Thirty days of maintaining abstinence is a small victory in recovery, and after this one month, about 40% of clients from Roots Recovery were abstinent for six months. Going into one-year post-treatment, roughly 43% of clients were abstinent. These percentages of abstinence at 6 and 12 months are higher than the national norm. 

Many of these clients also reported their overall feelings and well-being post-treatment. For those who left after successfully completing treatment at Roots Recovery, 36% of clients felt good, 20% felt excellent, and 12% were fair. Even these general feelings are small successes in the recovery journey, which can and do eventually result in a positive, happier life. 

Here at Roots Recovery, our team recognizes that the recovery journey is a lifelong, non-linear process that is often overwhelming for many individuals. However, abstinence and maintaining sobriety are possible with the right support and tools in treatment. It is important to remember that any success in the recovery journey, even just general feelings of one’s well-being, is a small victory. Our staff and community of peers remain in contact with clients post-treatment to continue offering support and guidance. Recovery can lead to a happier, healthier, and more positive life in the absence of alcohol or substances. To learn more about recovery at Roots Recovery, please call us at (562) 473-0827.

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“I am so grateful to be an alumni of Roots. Roots took me from my darkest of places, to the brightest and most beautiful part of life I've ever lived. They genuinely care about their clients. You will not be a number or a paycheck here. After discharging in February, I still receive help and words of wisdom whenever needed. Roots helped me battle things I'd been struggling with for over 14 years and finally put them behind me. I love roots with all my heart, and always will.”


“Just got 365 days sober today all thanks to these people at Roots. And saved my marriage.”


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