8 Reasons You Need Physical Rehab

In any sense, rehab restores health or reverses the debilitating effects of something, such as an injury or substance abuse.

Unlike drug and alcohol rehab, physical rehab focuses on using exercises and techniques to regain or improve physical attributes, such as strength, mobility, and muscle control.

Physical rehabilitation works specifically on issues concerning your physical body, treating health problems that affect your bones, muscles, nerves, and brain and cause permanent or temporary physical disability. These include a disabling health issue, healing from an injury, or recovering from surgery. Physical therapy, or PT, is the most common form.

However, PT does not only cater to people with severe physical conditions or the very elderly. Contrary to popular belief, it can benefit anyone with physical problems. Here are some eight reasons why PT is good for you. 

8 Reasons You Need Physical Rehab

  • You can avoid surgery or recover faster.

Surgery often comes when the pain becomes too excruciating to bear. So, if PT reduces the pain and makes healing quicker, surgery does not have to be an option.

But if you still need surgery, pre-surgery PT is still beneficial. Going into surgery in good shape promotes faster recovery in many instances.

  • It reduces or eliminates pain.

If you’re experiencing intense pain in your joints, manual therapy techniques can ease the pain, such as soft tissue mobilization. 

Additionally, techniques like electrical stimulation, taping, or ultrasound, can improve blood circulation and make healing quicker.

PT as chronic pain treatment is especially helpful to those suffering from such illnesses.

  • It aids in recovery from a stroke.

After a stroke, it’s highly possible, and even common, to lose some degree of function and movement. With physical therapy, you can bring back strength to the weakened parts of your body and improve balance.

Moreover, once you’ve regained the ability to transfer and move around in bed, you can gain more of a sense of independence.

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  • It helps heal from or prevent a sports injury.

In the sports industry, it’s relatively common and expected to sustain injuries. Physical therapists know how various sports have an increased risk for certain types of injuries, like fractures and sprains.

They can design appropriate and specific exercise programs that help with recovery or prevention of injuries to ensure a safe return and continued career in your sport.

  • It can develop mobility and strength.

Regardless of age, PT can help with trouble standing, walking, and general moving.

Strengthening and stretching exercises exercise help in restoring your ability to move. Therapists can also fit you with assistive devices, like canes and crutches, to aid in walking. They can also evaluate you for orthotic prescriptions.

Customized care plans allow you to practice and adapt to your condition so that you can continue with activities important to you in a safe manner and optimize performance.

Good physical therapists are movement advocates and explain the causes and effects in the body. They inform you why your body is being the way it is and then work closely with you to address it.

  • It improves your balance and prevents falls.

Physical therapy can also make your balance better, in addition to strength and mobility.

At the beginning of PT, the therapist will screen you for fall risk. If you’re at high risk for falls, your physical therapist will give you exercises that carefully and safely simulate real-life scenarios as a way to challenge your balance.

They can also have you go through activities that improve coordination and, as said previously, fit you with assistive devices to guide you in walking.

If a vestibular problem is the cause of the balance issue, physical therapists can perform specific maneuvers as passive treatment. These can quickly bring back proper vestibular functioning, reducing or removing any symptoms of vertigo or dizziness.

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  • It helps in managing issues related to age.

As you get older, you will experience multiple problems with your body. But physical rehab and therapy can help manage that.

PT helps you address arthritic pains, joint pains, and osteoarthritis problems.

More than that, PT helps adults adapt to their age and modify their daily activities. With that, you can age with confidence and decrease the risk of injuries and falls as you grow older.

PT also aids with neurological conditions, like Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. An article says that PT prevents functional decline and restores function.

  • It helps manage various health conditions.

PT extends beyond healing injuries in rehab centers. A number of physical therapists receive training in helping people with conditions that involve the heart, lungs, and weight.

  • Diabetes

Part of an overall diabetes management plan is exercise, which can effectively control your blood sugar.

As some people with diabetes have problems with sensations in their legs and feet, PT can alleviate these symptoms, and therapists can educate patients on proper foot care to avoid further problems.

  • Heart and lung diseases

In addition to cardiac rehabilitation after a heart procedure or attack, you may also opt for PT if your functioning is affected.

Conditioning, strengthening, and breathing exercises can address pulmonary problems, helping you clear your lungs of fluid.

Plus, physical conditioning assists in weight loss through movement. As a result, it reduces the need for medications and decreases the risk for heart disease and stroke.

Physical rehab is one of the best ways to regain and improve proper physical functioning, especially for those suffering from physical conditions. But anyone can benefit from PT. Aside from healing injuries and physical conditions, it can help you regain strength, mobility, and balance, as well as improve your overall health.

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