Long-Term Treatment Programs at Roots Through Recovery

Long-Term Treatment Programs at Roots Through Recovery

It is important to remember that the beauty of life comes from the journey, not the outcome. There is no finish line in life. That is an illusion. How can we continue to grow if we come to a complete stop? Besides, what’s the fun in that? The rollercoaster is about the excitement of the ride, not the “wait until the ride comes to a complete stop before you exit.”

The Dalai Llama once said, “There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday, and the other is called tomorrow. Today is the right day to love, believe, do, and mostly live.” Living in the present moment is one of the best ways to ensure a brighter future. If you make good decisions now, they will begin to pay dividends down the road. This is especially true with recovery and a program focusing on long-term treatment.

Recovery is lifelong, and treatment should not be rushed. Here at Roots Through Recovery, we believe in our long-term treatment programs for their ability to help our clients develop daily structure, learn how to set realistic goals, and plan for life after treatment.

Long-Term Treatment vs. Short-Term Care

One of the differences between Roots Through Recovery and other treatment centers is our focus on long-term care. While we love our clients, our goal is to get them healthy and moving on with their lives. We believe in life after treatment, which is why we focus on setting realistic long-term goals.

Let’s be honest; recovery can be a scary concept. The highly influential Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh once said, “People have a hard time letting go of their suffering. Out of a fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering that is familiar.” Change, by its very nature, is frightening. That is because change at its very core is embracing “the unknown.”

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), “Short-term, inadequate crisis care is shortsighted. Imagine establishing emergency services in a town by purchasing a 40-year-old fire engine and turning the town’s old service shop into the fire station. It will work until there is a crisis. True no-wrong-door crisis care is needed and anything short of full implementation will fall short of meeting the needs of the community.” 

Short-term care is nothing but a quick fix. It’s like putting a temporary patch on a boat that is still taking on water. Eventually, the boat is going to sink.

Planning for Life After Treatment

Here at Roots Through Recovery, we want to address our client’s issues on an individual basis with a thorough and focused multi-pronged approach. We feel that this is the best way to ensure they experience the type of long-term self-care and treatment they deserve.

One way we help our clients ready themselves for life after treatment is by establishing holistic approaches that can be carried outside the doors of our facility. For example, we have a specific plan that can help those struggling with substance use disorders (SUDs) avoid relapse. This therapy is referred to as mindfulness-based relapse prevention (MBRP).

MBRP is utilized to help those struggling with addiction avoid the same thought processes that once fueled their addictive behaviors. The practices used in MBRP can help quiet the mind, increase awareness of triggers, and allow the individual to make more meaningful choices moving forward. This mindfulness practice helps our clients take some autonomy over their long-term treatment and gain some freedom over their previous toxic thought patterns and behaviors.

This is just one of the many therapies and treatments we offer at Roots Through Recovery. MBRP may only be a part of your individualized strategy to get you well and in long-term recovery. We have a vast array of offerings specifically aimed at helping you succeed.

How Roots Through Recovery Can Set You up for Success

A popular slogan of many 12-Step programs is “One day at a time.” While this may seem counterintuitive to long-term treatment, it is actually one of its foundations. We want to give our clients the skills and tools they need to live a healthy and positive life. That begins by focusing on what can be done in a day so that the next day can be better, and the day after that, and so on.

Roots Through Recovery takes our clients through our programs with a specific focus on what they will need to succeed in the future. Treatment is never just a “quick fix.” We want to help clear away the wreckage of the past and inspire for the future, but this can only be done by doing the work today. It is this daily work that can help carry you toward a happy and healthy recovery.

Deciding to get help for mental health or substance abuse is one of the best and scariest choices a person can make. However, it can be the first step toward living a life you never thought possible. Here at Roots Through Recovery, we believe in a program of long-term treatment to help get you back on your feet and remain standing. Many treatment centers have high rates of relapse and return clients. At Roots Through Recovery, this is not the case. Our goal is to get you the help you need now, as well as the tools you will need to be successful in the future. Call Roots Through Recovery today at (562) 473-0827 for more information about our program. 

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“I am so grateful to be an alumni of Roots. Roots took me from my darkest of places, to the brightest and most beautiful part of life I've ever lived. They genuinely care about their clients. You will not be a number or a paycheck here. After discharging in February, I still receive help and words of wisdom whenever needed. Roots helped me battle things I'd been struggling with for over 14 years and finally put them behind me. I love roots with all my heart, and always will.”


“Just got 365 days sober today all thanks to these people at Roots. And saved my marriage.”


“It's great to see such a high quality of care program in Long Beach! The entire staff shows great care and compassion for their clients. The therapists are among the best around. Their admissions and case management is compassionate and driven to help you succeed! If your looking for help with trauma or substance abuse, this is the place for help!”


“Very serene setting, you feel right at home when you walk in. The staff are super nice and really care about their clients.”


“The most compassionate and knowledgeable staff! Roots Through Recovery offers the best addiction care and treatment available. They use multiple disciplines to cater to a wide variety of clients. Music therapy, art therapy....you name it, Roots has it! Do yourself a kindness and check them out. You'll be glad you did.”