How To Quit Alcohol Addiction And Why It’s So Hard

How To Quit Alcohol Addiction And Why It's So Hard

Alcoholism goes by many names: alcohol addiction, alcohol dependency, alcohol use disorder, or AUD for short. Whatever you call it, the fact is it leaves you in a hole that’s pretty difficult to get out of; that’s why a lot of alcoholics try to find ways to quit their alcohol addiction although, it can be challenging. 

For one, your physical health is on the line. Dry skin, brittle hair, extreme weight loss, and high blood pressure are just some of the things your body will go through in alcoholism. AUD also takes a toll on your mental and behavioral well-being. You may experience blackouts, memory loss, depression, and anxiety disorders.

Lastly, alcoholism can affect your social life. You prioritize drinking over everything else that it can jeopardize your relationships with family and friends. It even gets in the way of your responsibilities and passions.

While recovering from alcohol addiction is difficult, it’s not impossible. This article aims to show you why quitting is so tricky and how you can heal from alcohol and drug addiction recovery.

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Why Is It So Hard To Quit Alcohol Addiction?

Feeling Intoxicated Has Positive Effects

More often than not, people start drinking to feel good. Studies found that even small amounts of alcohol can increase the release of dopamine, one of the “happy hormones” the brain produces.

In other words, alcohol has the power to alter your brain chemistry. However, the way it does it is not good. Things that usually make you happy and naturally release dopamine before alcohol– like exercising, family time, and laughing with friends– may not have the same effect as alcohol.

So, people might turn to alcohol instead to get a boost of dopamine and a sense of joy.

More than that, it takes some time for your brain to readjust your pleasure center after you stop drinking. So, the “coming down” part may feel like a hard transition. This makes staying sober more challenging.

Withdrawal Symptoms Are Uncomfortable

In most alcohol and drug abuse treatment centers, you’ll have to go through medical detox to get rid of the substance in your system. While you can quit cold turkey on your own, withdrawal symptoms are uncomfortable, at the least. Other times, they can be dangerous. That’s why it’s vital to detox in a safe environment.

Withdrawal symptoms may include:

  • Headaches
  • Sweating
  • Vomiting
  • Anxiety
  • Hallucinations
  • Seizures

Going through that may tempt you to take another drink just to make the effects stop. Unfortunately, this will lead to a cycle of drinking, wanting to stop, failing, and drinking again. If you don’t get help from professionals, your AUD may just get worse.

Drinking is Socially Acceptable

Drinking is not only acceptable, but an encouraged means of relaxing, de-stressing, and having fun. Unfortunately, occasional drinking may turn habitual, and evolve into chronic heavy drinking.

For instance, you work in a high-stress environment, like a hospital. To wind down at night, you have a drink. But things at hospitals are usually stressful, so drinking then happens almost every night. Then, you build up a tolerance, causing you to up your consumption and make it more frequent.

The same idea fits in with social drinking. Some even feel that if there is no alcohol involved, it will be a boring gathering. 

And because it’s everywhere, normalized, and even glamorized, abusing alcohol doesn’t become noticeable until it’s too late. The consequences have already reached an alarming level. Instead of stopping the problem before it begins, you may jump to self-medicating by searching for “alcohol addiction rehab centers near me.”

It becomes difficult to stop drinking because you feel like it’s what calms you down after a stressful day, thinking you cannot relax without it. Or that it’s a must for every gathering or celebration for people to have fun.

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How To Quit Alcohol

Quitting drinking is not as easy as just putting the glass down and stopping. It’s more complicated than that. Even though it’s hard, it’s not impossible. Here are some tips to help you stick to your treatment plan.

Understand Your Relationship With Alcohol

Answering the 5W1H questions about your drinking problem will shed more light on what you should do.

The “why” is particularly important. If you identify and understand the reason why you drink, you can begin to address that. Moreover, it can help you create a treatment plan suited for you.

Explore Treatment Plans

Alcohol treatment and recovery are not a “fix it all” pill; it looks different on everyone. For example, addiction treatment for men may not be the same as that for women.

So, look at different rehab centers and check what alcohol abuse treatment programs they offer. It’s best if they can create a personalized plan that suits your goals, needs, and wants.

If you commit to a facility that just offers fixed programs or creates a shoddy one for you, you may see little to no progress at all. They may even be damaging your recovery.

Change Your Environment

One of the best ways to stop drinking is with change. Remove yourself from places, people, things, and situations that may trigger your urge to drink.

In fact, many experts suggest looking for treatment centers far from home. This allows you to breathe new air, in a sense.

Aside from the physical setting, you can switch up your routine. If you drink at a specific time during the day, fill that space with more productive activity.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Recovery is difficult as it is; it’s even more so if you go through it alone.

Alcoholism and rehab are nothing to be ashamed of, so don’t be afraid to ask your loved ones for help. Family and friends can serve as your support group to cheer you on and push you on your healing journey.

More than that, they can be of more help and keep an eye on you.

But before doing or committing to anything, it’s crucial that you check with medical professionals to see which is the best route for you to take. While these methods are effective, some may not be the right path for you and may even be detrimental to your healing.

alcohol and drug abuse treatment centers

How To Quit Alcohol Addiction And Why It’s So Hard

Alcohol may give you temporary satisfaction and joy, but abusing it can cause a world of harm. Unfortunately, some people don’t realize they’re in harm’s way until the consequences become too much to bear.

Recovering from alcoholism is not simple, nor is it easy. Many feel that drinking gets rid of their problems or makes the world a happier place, that they can’t function without it. That’s why they find it difficult or impossible to quit.

You can get through to the other side, albeit difficult. With the right kind of help, a solid treatment plan, and the support of your loved ones, you can recover from alcoholism.

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