Chronic Pain Treatment: How to Manage Chronic Pain in Adults

chronic pain syndrome treatment

Chronic pain is an uncomfortable sensation in the body, which usually lasts for long periods of time. It can range from a few weeks to many months, and often goes undiagnosed until the pain becomes unbearable for the person. When chronic pain is left untreated, it can affect the person’s lifestyle, as continuous discomfort may hinder physical activities and even cognitive processes. In order to alleviate or manage the pain, chronic pain treatment or services by healthcare professionals can provide long-term relief.

Treatment of chronic pain may come in various techniques, as there is no singular approach to achieving complete pain removal. People may react differently to treatments and therapies because each human body has a varying level of sensitivity and response. From medication to physical therapy, most treatment plans are personalized for each person. To know how treatments work, it is first important to understand what happens inside our system when we are suffering from chronic pain.


What is chronic pain?

Chronic pain is a long-term distressing feeling, which is triggered by the nervous system. From lasting headaches to enduring muscle pains, chronic pain can manifest in various forms. It can also occur in any part of the body, and can still last after its source, such as an injury, has already been addressed. With the wide range of possible sensations, the experienced pain may feel like a squeezing ache or even a sharp stab.

Below are the common symptoms and descriptions of chronic pain experienced by individuals:

  • Soreness 
  • Stinging
  • Throbbing
  • Shooting
  • Stiffness
  • Aching

Considering these, chronic pain can start because of multiple reasons. It can be caused by minor injuries, such as tissue damages, or more threatening diseases, like a bone infection. It can also occur from recovering wounds. The following are conditions that may trigger or cause chronic pain:

  • Migraine
  • Cancer
  • Arthritis
  • Nerve damage
  • Infection
  • Muscle fatigue

As our brain and nervous system are responsible for the feeling, people with stress or depression may have a higher sensitivity to the pain.


Does chronic pain go away?

Chronic pain might not go away, even with good treatment. As bad as it sounds, it can last for years, even after the underlying cause has been healed fully. Considering this, it is important that pain, no matter how minor, should be checked by a doctor, to diagnose potentially enduring symptoms. When chronic pain somehow becomes permanent, it can eventually disrupt the capacity of a person to perform daily functions.

chronic pain in adults

When someone succumbs to chronic pain, the person may develop mental illnesses, such as depression, and substance abuse disorders. This complicates the situation of having chronic pain, as both diseases take over the physical and mental control of the individual. In such cases, dual diagnosis, or specific treatment becomes necessary.

Going back, although chronic pain in adults might not go away completely, a person can still live with it, given the proper remedies and treatments.


How do you live with severe chronic pain?

In managing pain in everyday life, it is important to know how to cope. There are many activities that can be a form of coping, so knowing what’s best for you is the key to helping yourself adjust. Often, the best coping strategy is the one, which one may find comforting the most. The following are some coping strategies for living with severe chronic pain:

  • Seeking professional help. Chronic pain syndrome treatment may reduce the severity of chronic pain.
  • Reducing life stressors. As mentioned in the previous section, stress can increase pain sensitivity. Life stress can come from toxic work environments and unsupportive peers.
  • Lessening smoking and alcohol intake. Smoking increases the risk for lung diseases and cancer, while alcohol may cause insomnia.
  • Eating a healthy diet. A well-planned meal may be good for almost all aspects of your human body, as it addresses nutrient and sugar imbalances.

After employing these coping strategies, the person may now manage other aspects of his or her life better, despite having chronic pain. A fulfilling life awaits, even for someone managing physical and emotional pains on a daily basis.


How to live fulfilled even with chronic pain?

When one learns how to cope with chronic pain, the next step is moving forward and learning how to achieve fulfillment in life. While chronic pain may be an ongoing struggle, it does not have to be a continuous plummet towards unhappiness. Joy and fulfillment can be attained in many ways, regardless of how subtle they can be. From creating a healthier morning routine to sleeping earlier at night, a person can overcome any hindrances caused by chronic pain.

Below are just some of the activities that may help a person both come and obtain fulfillment:

  • Joining a support group. Sometimes, we believe that only those with the same experience as us can understand how we truly feel. Having peers and professionals who believe in us can go a long way in emotionally dealing with our pains.
  • Learning meditation. Taking deep breaths or performing meditation helps one in relaxing. Stretching also allows a person to be mindful of the sensations felt by each part of the body.
  • Exercising daily. Exercising releases natural endorphins, or pain killer hormones. In addition to reducing pain, exercise also strengthens the bones and muscles, thus preventing future damages.
  • Living with chronic pain treatment. Treatment may not mean removing the pain completely, but it can give relief that helps a person push through the day.

chronic pain treatment

In living with chronic pain, we must acknowledge that we need to seek medical help. Aside from providing medications and physical therapies, they can teach us pain management techniques, which can allow us to help ourselves in our own households. Through this way, we can still be independent, which can then promote fulfillment in our lives.


Finding the best treatment for chronic pain in adults

There is no such thing as one best treatment for chronic pain. Each individual, who has chronic pain, experiences it in different parts of the body and in different pain levels. Therefore, the best treatment plan is one that is personalized and fitted to our specific needs and concerns. In order to know what works best for us, it is important to get in touch with our trusted chronic pain services provider.

The proper treatment promotes long-term recovery and adjusting to a life with chronic pain. It does not simply employ medications, therapies, and massages, but it also teaches us how to manage ourselves, not just physically, but also mentally. The goal of caring healthcare services is to provide supportive treatment near you – one that is accessible and genuine.

At Roots Through Recovery, we provide personalized treatment. Our experienced clinicians for chronic pain do not focus solely on therapies, but also on providing ways to cope physically and emotionally. We believe that everyone deserves a productive and fulfilling life.

If you or someone you know is seeking chronic pain treatment, get in touch with us today. Visit us at 3939 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 102, Long Beach, CA 90807 or give us a call at 866-766-8776 to get started.

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