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Chronic pain is complicated, and learning about the topic from literature and research can be a daunting task. Chronic pain podcasts are a great way to take in information from a variety of sources and in a format that is fun and entertaining. But there are a lot of chronic pain podcasts out there, so searching for the right one can be as daunting of a task as reading the literature. If you’re searching for the chronic pain podcasts that are right for you, look no further. Michael Aquino, PT, DPT, the Functional Restoration Director for Roots Chronic Pain Recovery put together a list of his favorites. 


1. Like Mind, Like Body from Curable

Why we like it: Podcast by the Curable App, an app made and developed by pain scientists and clinicians to treat chronic pain through learning about it and developing the mind body connection. Most patient friendly. You get to hear patient experiences and also get insight from a variety of health professionals.

Where to listen:

2. Pain Reframed from the International Spine & Pain Institute

Why we like it: This one is geared towards health professionals due to the information and topics covered. Really can get health professionals inspired to treat pain better.

Where to listen:

3. The Modern Pain Podcast by Modern Pain Care

Why we like it: Is a good balance for both patient and health professionals. They include patient experiences and professional insight into the treatment of pain.

Where to listen:

4. The Healing Pain Podcast with Dr. Joe Tatta

Why we like it: Another great podcast that addresses pain for multiple health professional perspectives and include topics such as nutrition, physical therapy, and mindfulness.

Where to listen:

5. Pain Science and Sensibility Podcast from the PT Podcast Network

Why we like it: Very research heavy and dense. If you’re not a health professional or not into the idea of going over research papers this one may be tough to listen to.

Where to listen:

Michael Z. Aquino, PT, DPT
Dr. Aquino is an orthopedic and pelvic health physical therapist, who obtained his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Chapman University. Dr. Aquino has a passion for people with chronic pain conditions with a goal of helping them return to function and live meaningful lives again. He underwent clinical mentorship within a multidisciplinary pain program to specialize in chronic pain, working with individuals suffering from chronic pain conditions such as CRPS, chronic low back pain, and chronic neck pain, and chronic pelvic pain. He is currently pursuing his Therapeutic Pain Specialist certification through the International Spine and Pain Institute to further his skill set in modern evidence-based chronic pain treatment.

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