Why Choose Roots Through Recovery?


Let’s face it, treatment is very similar no matter where you go! That is why we have created an environment that makes people feel safe, comfortable and free from distractions. You need to feel like you can relax so that you can deal with your own personal challenges. In addition, we utilize a wide variety of techniques and modalities to work with each individual’s specific needs. We help you:

  • Create your own personal journey of recovery
  • Safely address your trauma
  • Find new hope by providing treatments that have been proven to work, and
  • Develop the strength and courage you need to create the life you were meant to lead!

Ongoing Support

Whether you are dealing with family or work issues, or your own internal struggles from the past, our compassionate staff will guide you to find resolutions. You will gain a new sense of empowerment that will guide you to find new possibilities. With a new outlook on life, you will develop new friendships and a sense of community, helping to prevent you from falling back into an old way of living.


We customize a treatment plan and schedule that allows individuals to meet other obligations that are important to them such as family, work, or school. We have made sober living arrangements that also makes it convenient for care.


We have affordable outpatient options and insurance may assist you in the cost. We can also offer sober living arrangements to provide housing if you are from out of state. If you require residential care, we will help you find the most suitable place to meet your needs. We have outstanding relationships with very reputable facilities.

Will My Insurance Pay for Treatment?


For immediate assistance, please call our Admissions Specialists at 1 (562) 473-0827.

For more information or to start admissions – fill out the form below and we’ll reach out to you as soon as possible:



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