Intensive Outpatient

Roots offers treatment services that can accommodate your schedule, so you can get the support you need while you handle the day-to-day.
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Intensive Outpatient

Roots Through Recovery’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) supports individuals coping with substance abuse and co-occurring mental health issues, guiding you in recovery and wellness as you continue to function in everyday life. We offer treatment options that incorporate traditional 12-step philosophies, as well as non-traditional alternatives. We believe there  are many paths to recovery.

The IOP program is three hours a day, three to five days a week and is offered at various times throughout the day to accommodate busy work and life schedules. In our IOP, experienced and  highly trained clinicians and behavioral health specialists provide a personalized combination of individual counseling and group treatment offerings to address substance abuse, trauma and co-occurring mental health issues. In IOP, individuals will receive support in lifelong recovery by reconnecting with themselves and delving into underlying trauma that is at the root of addiction.


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