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Roots Through Recovery will help you begin to reintegrate back into your daily living.
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Roots Through Recovery offers a day treatment program (referred to as PHP) to individuals with a level of care similar to that found at inpatient or residential treatment, but with the convenience and independence of living at home or in a sober living program.


Our day treatment program provides individuals with an engaging full day of treatment, at six hours per day, five days a week. A typical day in treatment includes a variety of individual and group activities such as mindfulness, meditation, somatic experiencing, 12-step discussions, process groups, relapse prevention, art therapy, psychoeducation, yoga and life skills.


Our experienced and highly trained therapists and staff create a culture of change that prepares individuals for an independent life of wellness and recovery. Every person who joins our community has a treatment plan developed and tailored to their needs, and is provided with the option to focus their treatment on incorporating principles of traditional 12-step, or with alternatives for those who are interested in pursuing a non-traditional option. We don’t put you in a box with one way of thinking.


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