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Nia Batiste

Yoga Instructor

Yoga became a huge part of Nia’s life, four years ago, while she was struggling with anxiety, depression and physical pain due to her scoliosis. Within that time, she’s learned to value the process of patience and abundance, which create space in her mind to truly love and honor her body, and her journey through life in the present moment.

 After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and completing her 200-hour yoga certification with Cloud Nine Yoga, Nia began sharing her teachings with those who struggle with addiction by unveiling the source within. In her yoga class at Roots, she incorporates her knowledge of the chakra system in order to help her students understand their bodies on an energetic level through a physical perspective. She also emphasizes the importance of the breath within every movement, and posture, in hopes of reminding her students to tune into the present moment, and to trust their bodies as their own personal blueprint for life.

 Nia is known for her authentic, nonjudgmental teaching style and uses compassion to guide her students through the exploration of the higher self in hopes of inspiring her students to follow their bodies, breath and intuition in their own individual way. She believes that yoga is a lifestyle practice that helps to silence the chatter and chaos in the mind to make way for the magic within.   


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