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Maynard Martin

Admissions Director

Maynard joins the Roots Through Recovery family with over 20 years’ experience in sales and customer service, as well as his personal experience in recovery.  After struggling for 23 years to achieve and maintain sobriety, Maynard found the life-changing gift of sobriety through Alcoholics Anonymous and never looked back.  Since then, he had experienced tragedies of others who he felt could’ve had another course, if only they found the gift as he did.   

These unfortunate tragedies have catapulted Maynard’s spirit into diving head first into helping anyone at any time for those seeking help from the horrors of addiction.  He realized early on that if it wasn’t for those who were there on the other end of the phone at any given time, he more than likely wouldn’t be here today.  His goal is to always be there, in person, or literally on the other end of the phone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  It is his first passion to always be there for those seeking help.  “Helpful to all, harmful to none” is the mantra by which he lives. 

Taking a career change from sales, Maynard entered the treatment field four years ago in Admissions as an Admissions Coordinator, “On the front lines,” as he refers to it.  He has a true gift: the natural ability to make an interpersonal connection and establish trust and rapport upon initial contact. 

Maynard is registered with CCAPP and is in progress of obtaining his Alcohol & Other Drug Counselor credentials through his course studies at Loyola Marymount University. 

On his free time, he enjoys his family and friends and embraces family time, as well as helping others in his recovery group, and actively participates in his own personal recovery.  And if he can find the time he enjoys riding his sport bike, a hobby of his for the last 17 years. 


For immediate assistance, please call our Admissions Specialists at +1(562) 473-0827 or +1(866) 766-8776.

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