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Joshua Pannell is our Executive Program & Clinical Assistant. After over 15 years battling addiction, and finding recovery in Long Beach, Josh found a new way of life. Josh left the corporate world and set on a new path of service, reaching out and offering help and hope to others struggling with addiction. He is currently finishing up his studies for Drug and Alcohol Counseling at Long Beach City College, with the plan of earning a degree in Social Work and becoming a licensed LCSW, focusing on Addiction and Mental Health.


In his time of sobriety, Josh has gained invaluable experience working with several organizations in admissions, case management and counseling, as well as volunteering his time wherever possible to help those in need. Josh strives to help individuals and families living in the misery of the disease now share in the joys of recovery pulling from his background and experience in faith-based, 12-Step, Relapse Prevention, Case Management and Family Systems.


“My ultimate goal is to continue showing men and women that we do recover!”

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